Nea Kallikrateia, Northern Greece, June 2009.  Upupa epops, Hoopoe, Wiedehopf, huppe fasciée.

Birdwatching in

Greece: one classical and one original birding tours

Turkey: south-eastern goodies

El Salvador: ready in 2013

Iran : operational whenever things cool down

Nepal: ready in 2012

Trekking in



Forbidden Places, Forgotten Places ©

Classical Iran

Desert Libya

Hispaniola : Haiti and the Dominican Republic

El Salvador : ready in 2010

Why these places?

Our aim is to develop tours in the ancient basin which saw three empires and civilizations, Greek Macedonian, Persian, and Ottoman, a cultural entity where we nowadays find very similar mentalities and traits. Very much as Alexander the Great sought to fuse Asia and Europe into a homogeneous unity, we feel part of an effort to renew much needed old ties.

This endeavor results from many coincidences, like most things in life. In New York I majored in Southern Asian studies, I then returned to the new home my father had set in Northern Greece’s Macedonia, there a friend introduced me to a friend who was starting such tours, then I employed a Greek ornithologist interested in Turkey’s birds, in the meantime I went overland to Iran, met a most hospitable family and a spirited young woman in tourism, and have returned four times. As for the exotic places, my companion is from El Salvador, I worked many years with Haiti’s National Tourist Board General Manager, and we traveled to Libya where we met wonderful people and saw incredible desert scenery.

So, our programs are definitely personalized both in our contacts and services, and clients get lots of attention. On some tours I even go myself, so sometimes and in most places they have an ornithologist, a local guide, a boatman, the driver, and myself, the organizer. In turn, the clients are always struck by the bio-diversity of the country’s habitats, from artificial lakes to lagoons to river deltas to riparian softwoods to natural lakes to pine forests to mountains.Here are but two quotes from among many: “Of all my trips, this was the most beautiful as much for the ornithology and the astonishing landscapes, as for the competence and friendliness of the leaders”, said May 2001 participant Marlene Perrin from Switzerland, and “What I saw is beyond my wildest dreams”, exclaimed Dutch ornithologist Leo Linnartz whose group broke our reycord by seeing 208 species in 8 days in the field in April 2001.

Britain-based clients, please contact our long-time collaborators, hard workers, and most good friends Gerry and Jo at Avian Adventures,  mentioning us as the source. U.S.-based clients, please do likewise with Peggy Watson at Field Guides, or Karen O’Neil at the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Swiss-based clients, with Doris and Christine at Arcatour, and Netherlands-based clients, with Kees en Tiny van Berkel at Blue Elephant. Anybody can also ask these ornithological tour operators for (great) references !

In any case, do not hesitate to write to me at:  Alexander***[AT]***TravelWithAlexander[DOT]com
(when typing the email address, please ignore the *, I put them here to fend off the spam bots)