Muslim Greece


Xanthi, Greece, April 2010. Saturday market in this capital of tobacco on the way to Turkey. Marché du samedi dans cette capitale du tabac sur la route de la Turquie.

Greece is Muslim too, sometimes half, and you have a mosque next to an orthodox church, sometimes 100%, like in the Thracian village below.


Kalamokastro, Greece, May 2003.

We watch the birds, they watch us. Although we — groups of Western Europeans or North Americans — keep birding at the same spot, year after year, right in the center of this tiny village in the great Thracian plain, people (men) stare at us the same puzzled way.


Kalamokastro, Greece, May 2003.

Looking at one of the few colonies of Lesser Kestrels by the minaret of this Muslim-only village, one of several from which inhabitants needed till recently a permit to move away. 


Xanthi, Greece, April 2010.  Muslims are not the only “foreigners”. Gipsies are there in great numbers too, mainly to work at harvest time. Les musulmans ne sont pas les seuls “étrangers”. Les Gitans sont également là en grand nombre, surtout pour travailler à la récolte.


Xanthi, Greece, April 2010.  A Muslim and a Christian. Musulman et chrétien.


Xanthi, Greece, April 2010.  Typical scene of a food-and-houseware weekly market. Scène typique de marché hebdomadaire.