what happens when a birder and a potter hit the road, and traverse 100 countries, overland and by public transportation? they look at the past (the cultures, as an inspiration to make pottery), the present (the people, to learn about their dreams and their problems, make portraits and write stories, and the birds, to prepare birdwatching tours), and the future (the children, so beautiful and hopeful all over the world)


Kaifeng, China, December 1994.  New Year’s Day in the center of the country, on a fast, sturdy, and punctual train.

our singularity? we  combine photography and writing, we interact more with the people than gaze at the monuments or the landscape, we concern ourselves more with the point of view of the people on the photo than the traveler/photographer’s usual worries, we focus more on the reality of the people than the artistic side of the photo

our planning? poring over maps, we do loops or follow lines, like around the Mediterranean or the Sahara, or from Europe to Hokkaido along the 40th North Parallel via Central Asia (including parts of the Silk Road and Alexander the Great’s path), or from Ushuaia (Tierra de Fuego) to New York throughout Latin America‘s 17 countries

our involvement? representing five cultures between the two of us, we were at interesting times in challenging places such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kashmir, Niger, Algeria, Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, Albania, Georgia, Xinjiang (and along Afghanistan)

our products? back at our base in Northern Greece we have birding programs and a Byzantine tour (also in Turkey), a pottery studio, a stock of travel photos, and a short-to-medium term apartment rental (in Athens)

and if you want to learn about some unusual places, Djungharia, Transnistria, Kalibangan

please write to us at:    Alexander***[AT]***TravelWithAlexander[DOT]com
or, specifically for art, at:    Blanca***[AT]***TravelWithAlexander[DOT]com
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