Children of the Middle East

Little Iranian girl in chaddor

Sheikh Ali Khan, Central Iran, October 2000. Fatimeh, little Loristani girl. Fatimeh, petite fille du Loristan.

Unlike women in this isolated village who wear the colorful dresses of mountain people, 10-year-old Fatimeh dons the traditional chador. And there is no want of weaving women and school-going children in the Zagros Range as all valid men have left to work in Kuwait.


Alep, Syria, September 1998. In the alleys of the old city. Dans les ruelles de la vieille ville.

This young girl was so excited to see foreigners, she jumped all over, gathered her numerous siblings, pulled and pinched them to make them smile for the endless shots she positively demanded, took my companion inside their house, then grabbed our camera to take wild pictures, running up and down the stone stairs with the precious Nikon.

Un vrai petit diable, excitée de voir des étrangers, sautant de gauche droite, rassemblant ses nombreux frères et soeurs, les pinçant pour les faire sourire pour les innombrables clichés qu’elle demandait. Elle a fini par nous arracher le précieux Nikon des mains et s’enfuir dans sa maison en pointant de tous côtés.

Little Iranian boy in a suit

Shahin Shahr, Isfahan, Iran, March 2002. Omid (Hope) is dressed up for the Persian No Ruz (New Day, New Year) on the first day of spring. Omid, ou l’Espoir, est habillé pour le Nouvel An persan célébré au premier jour du printemps.


Tayyibeh, Central Jordan, October 1998. Bedouin boy showing picture of his siblings in his home. Petit bédouin montrant une photo de ses soeurs chez lui.