an Athens pre-election story: the biggest problem is a lack of diathesis

Athens, 29 May to 15 June 2012 dear Aaron [in response to your letter about the “kafeneio” culture – people sipping leisurely coffee while “philosophizing” about life – and your annoyance at those blaming the current so-called Euro crisis on the “innate laziness of Mediterranean people”] the first day already I got a good “taste” […]

Greece the poor, Iran the rich, and the puppet masters in-between

15 May 2012 hello Marilu back to base and time to answer your mail about Belgistan where it says Muslim minorities will soon take over the country [] I have a starting point, yesterday on the Internet – a fair barometer of contemporary mediocrity, especially the annoying slide-show on top of the Yahoo page, such […]

Nobody is Innocent

38 Witnesses, the latest movie by Belgian director Lucas Belvaux – 14 March 2012 Bonjour Francoise, I went to see that movie just because you told me that you had been very impressed by it and you wondered how you would have reacted… it was about the murder of a young woman in the large […]

The Irony of Rejecting Turkey and Iran

European politicians are decidedly so mediocre (and I am not even talking about the Republican candidates) I have two more examples – you can understand conservatives, bigots, and the like raging against Turkey and Iran, but the mainstream?! 1) rejecting the Turkish bid to join the European Union is so much against the European interest, […]

War as a Way of Life

January 1, 2011 An older documentary. “Each […] prepares for battle inflating a series of sacks, special tools for combat. Inside each sack are hundreds of thousands of weapons. It is a veritable silo of warheads loaded with toxins. “But in order to deploy its weapons, each combatant must reach out and strike its enemy. And […]