Libya Desert

Day 1. Arrival in Tripoli, transfer to Grand Hotel or Bab el Baher.

Day 2. Visit of museum and souq.

Day 3. Tripoli-Qaryat-Sebha-Takerkiba, transfer (900 km, 12 h).

Day 4. Takerkiba-Lakes, desert 4X4 & hiking.

Day 5. Takerkiba-Ghat/Akakus, morning hiking, then transfer (400 km, 8h).

Day 6. Ghat-Akakus, camel ride, visit of town, transfer to camp.

Day 7. Akakus, desert 4X4 & hiking.

Day 8. Akakus-Berjouj-Germa, desert 4X4 & hiking.

Day 9. Germa-Sebha-Misurata, transfer (950 km, 12h).

Day 10. Misurata-Khoms-Tripoli, transfer (100 km, 1h30), visit of Leptis Magna, transfer to Grand Hotel or Bab el Baher (120 km, 2h).

Day 11. Tripoli, transfer to airport.