Arts With Blanca

Blanca at Thessaloniki ceramic exhibition

studio in Chalkidiki, Northern Greece

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the artist’s basic skills are in drawing which she carried onto the canvas, then onto the quilts – literally designing on cloth – and now onto the clay where her joy is to adorn and glaze the pieces she has created

she works in her studio in a fishing village not far from Thessaloniki, with her (partly) Greek companion, writer and journalist, they travel extensively overland to Asia, Africa, and Latin America where they get inspiration for their work, from the people, the nature, the culture, the societies

1959, born in El Salvador, Central America
1979, exile to New York
1986, first trip to Greece
1994, first trip to the world


1998-2002 — New York
* Supermud Pottery, with Carmen SorrianoAthens 2009 Exchibit
* Greenwich House Pottery, with Greg Pitts and Kate Missett
* Crafts Students League, with Chris Neil and Ellen Day

2007-2010 — Thessaloniki, Greece
* Studio of Hector Mavridis

September 2009 — Thessaloniki, Greece
* Ceramists and Potters Association, Collective exhibit

November-December 2009 — Athens
* All-Greek Union of Ceramists and Potters, 48th All-Greek Artistic Ceramic Exhibit

April 2010 — New York
* Greenwich House Pottery

June 2010 — Liège, Belgium
* Clair Obscur Gallery, Collective, Multi-Art Exhibit

October 2010 — Athens
* All-Greek Union of Ceramists and Potters, 49th All-Greek Artistic Ceramic Exhibit

March 2012 — Liège, Belgium
* Handicraft Day, Collective exhibit and open doors at the pottery studio Au Tour de la Terre

October-November 2012 — Athens
* All-Greek Union of Ceramists and Potters, 50th All-Greek Artistic Ceramic Exhibit

November 2012 — Liège, Belgium
* Artist Day, Collective exhibit and open doors at the pottery studio Au Tour de la Terre

March 2013 — Liège, Belgium
* Handicraft Day, Collective exhibit and open doors at the pottery studio Au Tour de la Terre

2013 — Thessaloniki, Greece, reported due to the abysmal situation in the country
* preparation of duo exhibit with Japanese painter Hiromi Yoshikawa from New York & Sapporo, Hokkaido.


Quiltingquilts with houses

* ArtQuilts, Judith Plotner, New York
* Atelier de Danielle Bourguignon, Liège, Belgium
* several solo and collective exhibits in Belgium and Luxemburg



Painting & Drawing

1987-1997drawing of a woman
* Art Students League, New York, with masters Ted Seth Jacob, Joseph Rossi, Peter Cox, and Terence Coyle
* Pastel Society of New York, New York, with master Flora B. Giffuni
* studio of Pedro Acosta, San Salvador, El Salvador
* studio of Miguel Orellana, San Salvador, El Salvador

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Brenda Gonzalez June 1, 2011 at 8:22 pm

I have always been very fond of your work. Very artistic and free spirited in every aspect. Thank you for sharing your pieces and this lovely site. May you continue to create and share with us!

Your number one fan,

Brenda 🙂

cornet May 23, 2011 at 11:16 am

comment vas tu blanca

Simin September 26, 2010 at 1:05 pm

May congratulations, I hope one day you travel to Europe too.

Good luck


Christobal de Florida September 24, 2010 at 10:20 am

What style!! A good intro to your work…abrazo..

CHristine WIllis September 22, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Great work Blanca and such a lovely site.
Well done!

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