The Irony of Rejecting Turkey and Iran

European politicians are decidedly so mediocre (and I am not even talking about the Republican candidates)

I have two more examples – you can understand conservatives, bigots, and the like raging against Turkey and Iran, but the mainstream?!

1) rejecting the Turkish bid to join the European Union is so much against the European interest, this is a very dynamic country, full of young people eager to work (so unlike the Greeks or Belgians whom I know well), and now Turkey (been 25 times there) is booming ahead (my tourism partner trebled his business since 2008), they definitely don’t need Europe, quite the opposite, this ageing continent badly needs young blood and working people to pay for its pensions

2) applying the embargo against Iran – another place I am quite familiar with – simply to please the U.S. is equally counterproductive for the European poodle, let alone they are doing that country a big favor, by insulating it against the toxic products, excesses, and speculation that characterize more and more Western finances – I am quite sure that in a decade or so, with its mostly young and hyper-materialistic population, Iran will be ahead while Europeans will be poorer by 114 million more people as announced yesterday by the European statistics office – you should see the plane-loads disgorging thousands of shopping-hungry middle class Iranians in Bangkok

the hilarious twist is that the U.S. said yesterday it “supports Europe proposal on Iran oil” [Reuters – Wed, Jan 4, 2012], as if this policy originated on the Old Continent, but the U.S. like to present their policies as universal and popular, and as having lots of “allies”

propaganda is at full speed, news agencies reported yesterday that the Iranian Rial had nosedived [Reuters – January 1, 2012], while friends of mine there told me yesterday the rate was as ever, i.e. 11,000 to the USD – but Obama, with both eyes riveted on the coming presidential elections and to counter GOP “debaters” inept attacks and inaccuracies, does not hesitate to distort reality, just like his predecessors, and present his Iranian policy, i.e. embargo, as having “biting effects” – so irresponsible, anything just to be reelected

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